I love Grace. A lot. She's the perfect horse..!

I've been jumping her a lot lately and its super easy on her, because as soon as you go into 2-point you barely have to cue her and she jumps. If you squeeze her into the jump and say "up" she jumps even better...Super fun! I also walked and trotted the barrel and pole patterns with her, and loped parts of the pole pattern. Super easy on her!



Ohhh myyyy goodnessss......You know what? I love horses. A LOT. I've been riding almost a year now, and today was definately my best day at the barn, and that's really saying something because I;ve been to 4 barns now. Anyways...
I got a horse! Today...I got a horse...Her name is Grace she's a 12 year old appendix quarter horse (one parent was thoroughbred, one quarter horse) she's off the track, and she's a finished hunter jumper who's running bred, so she's bred for games/barrels.
And now she's mine <3
Picture post coming soon, just need to upload the pictures...(:
Best. Day. Ever.**


Italian Charm Bracelet

I got a really cool bracelet a while ago, and I really like it, even though I usually don't wear jewelery. Its a silver bracelet, and you put different charms on it, and every one of my charms is a picture! I'm so happy. I got four more charms last night.
The first one is a "birthstone butterfly" its supposed to be a butterfly that's garnet colored, because 'm a January birthday (January 20th! Comin' soon!) but it looks more like July..
The second one is a zebra! I <3 zebras!
The third one is a horseshoe. I just thought it was cute(:
The last one is a barrel racer! <3
The last one that you can see is just a black horse..its an old one(:

Sorry, not exactly the best picture..(: